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Hey, I'm Jessica.

I coach good guys to become

great men. 

What if there's more and you could have it?

You're a good guy. You've built a lot in your life. But you have a suspicion that there's something more. Maybe you already know what that more is and you're ready to go all in for in. Maybe you're not sure yet but it's just a feeling that you can't shake. I coach men to live their "more". I provide tools, action steps and accountability to help you build deeper significance and respect. I do this through a four step process.









I dare you...

3-Day Free Video Course

You love challenges. Well here's one. Take my free three day video course to transform your complaints into new results.



It's really more about you. You're accomplished. You've repeatedly been promoted. You know how to make money. You've maybe even completed some intense physical challenges. 

But despite being pretty badass, you feel like something is missing. You know you're not tapping into your greatness. You've checked a lot of boxes but you don't feel complete. Guess what? A great outward life begins with doing deep work inwardly. These are inseparable and most men don't get that.

I help men get it.  I'm a certified life coach and provide the tools, coaching and accountability needed to level up in life. I've been teaching, mentoring, speaking and coaching for over ten years to support men do the deep inner work to live extraordinary lives. 



If you're not clear on what you're about, you can't create it. Level one is about laying the foundations. This is 10-week course and will cover:

1) Identifying Core Values

2) Creating a Life Vision Statement

3) Reality Checking

4) Goal Getting



You are bombarded with messages about what it means to be man and what disqualifies you. Guess what, you get to decide this for yourself. You get to give yourself permission to live your masculinity on your terms. This 12-week course will cover:

1) Mindset

2) Quieting your inner critic

3) Identity

4) Letting go of the pass

5) Determining your needs



Becoming great at anything requires practice. You will spend 12-weeks creating new results in your life by practicing the virtues of:

1) Stewardship

2) Curiosity

3) Humility

4) Empathy



Dreams are achieved through doing. You will work one on one with Jessica or join a coaching group to level up and live out everything you've learned in the previous levels. These sessions will be driven by your specific goals and you'll receive tools, clarity, strategy and accountability to make them happen.  Duration is dependent on individual client needs. 

I can't thank Jessica enough for the new awareness I have. I feel like a door has been opened to a whole new territory for me to explore and grow in which is affecting all my relationships. 

J Steele, Construction Manager

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