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Anger can feel like an unsafe stranger or that friend who gets you to do crazy things you regret the next day. There's a third way... transform your anger to be your ally.  

Increase EQ

Manage Conflict

Get Power Back

Grunge Wall

What is

Make Anger

Your Ally?

  • 6-week rite of passage for transforming men's anger and upping emotional intelligence

  • Interactive & engaging, not just a lecture

  • Small group led by Jessica Lacy, which means personalized, professional  attention

  • Conveniently located online for worldwide access

  • Reflective work between sessions


Engage your anger in embodied ways as a pathway to authenticity, motivation, assertiveness & advocacy.


Take inventory of your anger paradigm- why you believe what you do about anger and how to change it.


Gain tools to navigate conflict so everyone wins.


Embrace and transform your anger from being destructive or inaccessible to constructive.

Explore using your anger for the service of others.

Transformed Man

What you're getting

  • Six, 90 minute small group Zoom sessions with up to six men 

  • Personalized, experienced coaching from Jessica Lacy

  • Guidance through expertly designed hero's journey curriculum

  • Reflective pre and post work between sessions to integrate concepts into daily life and relationships

  • Mutual agreements for confidentiality to increase full participation

  • 50% engaging exercises, 35% processing, 15% instruction


Transform anger into your ally

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I was able to deconstruct then reconstruct a new framework for anger that allowed me to integrate it into my life as a tool.


The value of knowing a new facet of myself and simultaneously gaining a new power source to go through life, has been immeasurable. I wish someone could have offered me this opportunity before I embarked on adulthood.


I would highly suggest thinking about everything you think you know regarding anger, and challenge you that there may be more to learn.

Grunge Wall

People commonly experience anger as a complicated emotion. It’s easy to burn too hot and explode or it can feel elusive and taboo.


But here’s the thing: Anger is normal. Sacred actually. And if people do not treat it like this, anger can come out in unexpected and unhelpful ways or get bottled up as you shrink back from life.


However, when anger is normalized and integrated into our system in a healthy way, you find that anger is a gift that helps you be confident, motivated, assertive, truthful, and an advocate for others.


A healthy relationship with anger can completely transform your relational intimacy and professional effectiveness.


Who wouldn’t want that?