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Women, you give so much to others. Give yourself five minutes, for five days to clear your mental clutter and make space for yourself. Get my free Say Yes to Yourself daily audio guide, with a practice a day to get you there.

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Let’s just get this on the record... you’re fabulous. You're good at your work, you love your friends & family, you like looking pretty, there's almost nothing you can't do... except for slow down and give yourself permission to make space for yourself. Maybe you’re a busy, high achiever looking for more balance or a dreamer wanting to fulfill your potential. I am your biggest fan. I believe you can have more and that it’s not by doing more.  

Do Less. Have More.

That’s my coaching mantra.


As a Colorado grown, Southern California local, I support people in living a productive, restful life. YES, I just used productive and restful in the same sentence! By creating sustainable rhythms of nurture and achievement, you can create more of what you love and actually have the space to enjoy it. 

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Most of us use our mind and emotions to make life decisions. We can use our body, too. My coaching technique is revolutionary and integrates thinking, feeling, and sensing. This process helps you experience your WHOLE self allowing you to clarify your vision, overcome obstacles, and love your life more.  Curious? Listen to my podcast.


Johanna Brecht


I’ve often struggled with comparing myself to others’ success. This comparing was self sabotaging me and holding me back from even trying. Jessica helped me decide that I determine my own success. By practicing that belief I’ve been able to take unprecedented steps toward what I feel is important in starting my business. I’ve achieved so much more than I thought in a short amount of time. I feel proud of myself and my confidence has grown so much.


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Jane Perry

Master Coach and Owner of Jane Perry Coaching

I have known for a long time that I needed to stop eating sugar, and yet I have struggled so much with that decision! After an assignment Jessica gave me, I realized that eating junk food was my grown-up version of rebelling against things from my past. The simple fact that Jessica never
told me to do anything, but instead asked me to trust my own body and my own vision for health, changed the whole game for me. Gently releasing sugar as a coping skill has made room for a genuine version of self-care that includes things like silence, rest, community, fun, nourishment, adventure, and making requests for help when I am overwhelmed.

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Erin Mullins

Mom of Boys

If you are seeking real life change but find various road blocks holding you back, then Jessica is the person to help you. Working with her gave me the confidence to get more real with myself, be kinder to myself, and empowered me to start living out the change I desired.  

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