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The Art of Living Well

There's a cultural myth that we have to specialize and if we don't, we'll be unsuccessful and irrelevant. This leads to the heavy burden that you "should" be somewhere different than you currently are instead of noticing where you are and what invitations are present to you. I help people attune to their authentic longings and move toward them to experience more beauty in their relationships, vocations, homes, and even digital spaces.


Wrapped Gift

You are the gift!
Love, Jessica

I’m a holistic life coach & spiritual director, slow life advocate, believer in the both- and, creator of beautiful spaces, website building geek, and lover of sunshine & my husband. 


I’m not just ONE thing and you’re not either. Your life is a mosaic of experiences that wants to be integrated into where you live, work AND play.


As you become more aligned to yourself, you bring the gift of who you are to every space you exist in- physical, digital, and spiritual. 

Hi, I'm Jessica.

Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Website Designer, Home Decorator- inviting you to

the art of living well.


Countryside Road

Life Coaching

Discover new possibilities for life and the resources you have to create them.

Rock Maze

Spiritual Direction

Identify God's invitations so you can wholeheartedly respond.

Blogger's Desk

Wix Website Design

Beautiful, functional sites to connect your clients to you.

Rustic Design Living Room

Home Decor

Designs and products that make you never want to leave.

Jessica is a beautiful soul whose passion, skill, and intuition create the perfect landscape for healing and growth. She approaches her work with vulnerability, risk, and zeal, which leads to transformation for those who get the privilege of working with her!

Kerri Sanders


Love Your Whole Body

An integral part of loving our lives is learning to love ourselves, including our bodies. This increases our capacity to love others as well. Live a more embodied life with greater freedom and joy.

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White Threads

What invitations are you noticing?

Schedule a 30-minute consultation.

Thank You.

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