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Hi, I'm Jessica.

Life Coach, Spiritual Director and Speaker helping people become their full, authentic selves.


Discover new possibilities for life and the resources you have to create them.

Countryside Road

Spiritual Direction

Identify God's invitations so you can wholeheartedly respond.

Rock Maze


Dynamic, sincere, interactive speaking to help your team or community grow. 

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The Art of Living Well

There's a cultural pressure to live one dimensionally in order to look successful and relevant. This can lead to living inauthentically to obtain status and acceptance. If we subdue our true selves we end up unsatisfied, lonely and disillusioned. I help people figure out who they really are and what they really want in the midst of noise telling them otherwise so they can live purposeful, free, authentic, connected lives.

Jessica is a beautiful soul whose passion, skill, and intuition create the perfect landscape for healing and growth. She approaches her work with vulnerability, risk, and zeal, which leads to transformation for those who get the privilege of working with her!

Kerri Sanders


Love Your Whole Body

An integral part of loving our lives is learning to love ourselves, including our bodies. This increases our capacity to love others as well. Live a more embodied life with greater freedom and joy.

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White Threads

What invitations are you noticing?

Schedule a 30-minute consultation.

Thank You.

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