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Hi, I'm Jessica Lacy

I'm a Colorado raised, southern California dwelling, pioneer of living well and equipping others to do the same.  I drove out west when I was 18 with a sense that there was more of myself to discover and I've been journeying closer to her ever since.

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I needed to identify them with wise people to discern which were valuable and which were counterfeit. I did this though therapy, reading, seminars, life coaching, body work, spiritual direction, healing prayer, committed friends... anything I could access really. 

There were a lot of voices telling me who I was and telling me who I wasn't.

Looking back, it was my lack of self acceptance that drove me to push so hard to become something different. The more I receive myself, the more ease, grace and power I experience. Even the things I wish I could have done differently weren't wasted. They've become opportunities for insight and sharpened my skill set.

Exploring more creative interests, open to non-traditional routes, letting things flow to me instead of hustling. Living like this has made me a Swiss Army Knife of varied talents.

Along the way I'm getting freer.


I'm probably sitting on my couch in my peaceful living room with my rescue pup designing websites between meeting with clients or thrift store shopping with my family searching for just the right home decor or sitting with my playful husband sipping craft beer at sunset watching the sail boats.

Through the practice of being present and courageous to life in its varied, often disorienting circumstances, we can wrestle our way to receiving it as a gift.

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