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You belong.

Come to rest in the truth that God receives you where you are and is leading you into greater experiences of love. 

Image by Rosalind Chang
Image by Anthony Tran

There's so much noise telling us who we have to be in order to feel safe and worthy of love. Spiritual direction helps you attune to God's voice and ground you in security and love to engage the world from a hope filled center.

What is Spiritual Direction?

  • An ancient ministry where the spiritual director listens with you to attend to God's movement in your life and help you notice and wholeheartedly respond to God's invitations.

  • It typically occurs in one-on-one sessions with the director and directee (person receiving direction) or within a group.

  • It's a sacred space to say the things you might usually not about God, yourself, and the world to be met by God in fresh ways.

  • It's for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God, even if they're not sure where they're currently at in that relationship.

Image by Omar Rodriguez
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